Certified Complaint Handling Excellence (CCHE)

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Learn how to effectively manage and respond to customer complaints.

The CCHE program focuses on the why, how and what of complaint handling including understanding of best practice through the CSIA-CHF Complaint Handling Framework. Participants learn the skills required to effectively respond to complaints and are encouraged to view complaints as a positive aspect of their role.Some of the benefits of our trainings are:
  • Explain the importance of complaints handling for continuous improvement
  • Understand the importance of balancing passion and process when handling customer complaints
  • Describe the CSIA Complaints Handling Framework (CSIA-CHF) and associated self assessment tool
  • Understand the different stages of complaint handling and the best practice for handling each stage of a complaint.
  • Respond to complainants with professionalism and confidence.
  • Have the communication skills for effective complaint handling.

Program Topics

01. Welcome to CSIA Online

Welcome to CSIAOnline
About the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA)
Customer Service Institute of Australia Complaint Handling Framework: CSIA-CHF2015

02. Introduction

About this program
Learning Outcomes
Lesson Plan

03. The value of complaints

The importance of complaints
Complaint handling
The hidden cost of bad service
Passion and Process
Quiz: The value of complaints

04. The complaint handling process

Customers and their complaints
Certified Complaints Management Systems
Building as Complaints Management System
Quiz: The complaint handling process

05. Skills for complaint handling excellence

Proactive Language
Active Listening
Managing yourself during challenging situations
The H.E.A.T Method
Dealing with Unacceptable Conduct
Quiz: Skills for complaint handling excellence

06. Personal Action Plan

Personal Action Plan
Become a leader in customer complaint handling excellence

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