Certified Customer Service Excellence (CCSE)

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Learn how to deliver exceptional customer service and to be a true customer advocate.

The Certified Customer Service Excellence (CCSE) program focuses on the essential skills and techniques that make customer service better. The program helps build cognitive and effective empathy skills and trains participants to deliver customer service excellence as part of the wider organisational goal of improving customer service and customer advocacy.

After completion of this program, you will:
  • Understand the importance of creating great customer experiences and what that means for both you and your organisation
  • Understand that different customers have different expectations, and I have tools to engage customers with confidence.
  • Have skills to deal with challenging customers and feel confident that these situations can be handled in a structured and thoughtful way
  • Have made a personal commitment to putting the customer at the heart of all I do

Program Topics

01. Welcome to CSIAOnline

Welcome to CSIAOnline
About the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA)
International Customer Service Standards (ICSS: 2020 - 2025)

02. Introduction

About this program
Learning Outcomes
Lesson Plan

03. Fundamentals - The importance of customer service

Customer Service
Customer Centricity
Customer Focus
Customer Effort
Know Your Customer
Ingredients of Quality Customer Service
Improving Customer Experiences
Quiz: What you have learned

04. An introduction to customer experience (CX)

The Customer Experience (CX)
Customer Personas
Customer Journey Map
Customer Touchpoints
Service Blueprinting
Customer Effort Scores
Service Improvements
Quiz: What you have learned

05. Skills for service excellence

Proactive Language
Active Listening
Behavioural Styles
Dealing with difficult situations
Dealing with challenging behaviour
The H.E.A.T Method
Quiz: What you have learned

06. Personal Action Plan

Personal Action Plan
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